Partitions & Ceilings

There are many companies offering solutions for fire rated ceilings, walls and bulkheads using fire rated plasterboard systems. While Greyton can provide all of these services we also provide a wide range of specialist systems some of which can withstand fires for up to six hours as well as hydrocarbon fires. These products include:

  • Promatect L and H sandwich systems
  • Promatect L500 and H solid systems
  • Promatect 100 Walls/Ceiling
  • Vermiculux
  • Maxilite
  • Durasteel
  • Supalux

There has been extensive testing both in Australia and overseas to very high standards. Where these systems do not meet Australian standards, Greyton can have systems assessed by bodies such and CSIRO or BRANZ to ensure BCA and Australian standard compliance.

Project One Lend Lease Hickson Road.

typical fire corridor

typical fire corridor protection This is a typical fire corridor where the BCA requires protection to the occupants from all services/fire sources above the ceiling. This picture shows our use of a Promat L500 solid system. The system includes 50mm boards supported from underneath with galvanised steel angles and channels. The main advantages being BCA compliance, fast to install and thinner than most other systems available.

BroadwayShopping Centre

Vermiculux bulk head around P.V.C. pipes Vermiculux bulk head around P.V.C. pipes in a fire passage.

TelstraPaddington Exchange

Promatect L500 ceiling system Promatect L500 ceiling system.