Mechanical & Cable Duct Protection

Board Systems

Greyton is the preferred installer of Promatect mechanical duct systems. This includes products such a Promatect L500, Promatect H and Promatect S. While constructing self-supporting ducts in these products is still not common in Australia, there are some distinct advantages. These systems are fast and efficient and involves only one contractor. There is no need for installing sheet metal ducts first and these products are very resilient. Promatect S for example, has a steel lining on each face and has been hose stream and blast tested. The Promatect H and L500 systems can be assembled off-site and bolted together on-site with fire rated mastics providing smoke and air seals.

Further product information can be found on the Promat web site:

In the photos below , Greyton has constructed a Promatect H cable duct for Energy Australia consisting of 2 layers of 25mm H and 2 layers of 15mm H board. The top floor section is Hebel block with a steel frame housing 9 access hatches for accessing each part of the switch board The 80mm thick Promatect and Hebel will provided a fully insulated system for a period of 2 hours and integrity for 4 hours. There are a number of fire rated removable access hatches along the duct for various access points with safety signage and heavy duty handles.

Vermiculite Spray Systems Westfield Chatswood

Vermiculite is a very popular method of providing a fire rating to sheet metal duct work. It is fast and cost effective and although a wet trade, our experienced staff will provide a neat quality job. Vermiculite systems have been extensively tested with Fire Rating Levels of up to 4 hours for cellulose and hydrocarbon fires. Greyton is a preferred installer of the leading vermiculite products including Cafco 300, Mandolite CP2 and Fendolite M2.

Further information can be obtained from the product’s web sites.

Fire rated Vermiculite fan enclosure with large access panels constructed in Promatect L500 to enable the removal of the entire fan unit.

Fire sprayed Vermiculite ducts at the King Street Wharf Project, Sydney.

DUCT Wrap Systems

Wrapping ducts with this product is relatively new to Australia but is an alternative to board or vermiculite spray. While this system is more expensive than more commonly used Vermiculite, it does have its place in projects that have a zero tolerance for dust and over spray. Such as hospitals or food processing factories particularly if installing during operation.