Penetration Seals

Greyton can provide solutions for all services penetrations and Fire sealing penetrations in walls, ceilings and slabs. We use a wide range of products to achieve the required rating whatever the parameters are. Some of the systems include:

  • Non-shrink fire rated mortar to pipes and cable penetrations
  • Fire rated ‘pillows’ both intumescent and mineral wool installed around pipes and cables.
  • Intumescent collars, wraps and pastes for all plastic pipes or conduits passing through large slab or from fire sealing penetrations proof wall or ceilings. This may involve constructing fire rated bulkheads to accommodate collars where it is not possible to retrofit them.
  • Fire rated calcium silicate, Fire sealing penetrations, vermiculite and Rockwool boards to both wall and floor penetrations.
  • Flexible fire rated foams around pipes where expansion and contraction is important. This is usually part of a fire mortar system.
  • Mastic seals, acrylic or polyurethane, around cables and pipes where core holes or small penetrations are required. Fire rated and non-fire rated backing rods are used to compliment the performance of the system.

Cable Penetrations Seals with Full Insulation (-/120/120 FRL)

There has been an important shift in the way certifiers and councils are checking fire rating compliance for sealing slab penetrations. While before 2010 it was acceptable to seal a penetration at the slab with a bunch of fire pillows, it has become a far more technical task. The main issue is the insulation component that could cause insipient spread of combustion or cause damage on the non-fire side of the fire seal. This is the temperature rise failing the test requirements when it moves along the services beyond the slab barrier. Components such as cable trays (steel) are good conductors and pose a significant problem. The way we now treat this is to enclose the services above the barrier and (or) below, ensuring we comply strictly with test prototypes. In the above pics you can see a TBA system that wraps the cables and provides a full -/120/120 FRL.

Hilti Cable Coatings

Haymarket Substation part of the Sydney CBD and Inner Suburbs 132kV Cable Project.
read the reference from Siemens

Large fire sealing penetrations reduced with hebel blocks, then sealed with Promaseal Bulkhead and Promaseal Mastic.

Slab penetrations with fire sealing penetrations formed with Promatect H and Promaseal Mortar providing a 4-hour rating.

All trafficable penetrations covered with Aluminium Checker Plate.

Large penetrations from fire sealing penetrations reduced with hebel blocks, then sealed with Promaseal Bulkhead and Promaseal Mastic.