Substations and Liquid Fuel Tanks

Greyton has been involved with a number of electrical sub stations for Energy Australia, Transgrid, Sydney Rail and more. This work is similar to Tunnel installations in that there is usually and fuel or oil fire source and the fire systems have to be designed to with stand a Hydrocarbon fire. As such most of the system have high density materials such as Promatect Fendolite II, Promatect H boards or Durasteel sheeting. Not only do the products withstand temperatures in excess of 1000 degrees C but often require blast and hose stream ratings.

Potts Hill Sub Stations – Fendolite spray to Transformer bay wall joins, Structural steel, cable penetrations seals.

Haymarket Sub Station – Promat Mortar seals to high voltage cables

Chatswood Substation – Promatect H fire rated cabinet and cable ducting.

Parramatta Substation Energy Australia – Promatect H board concrete wall upgrades.

Liquid Fuel Tanks



There is nothing more dangerous than a fuel tank combusting particularly if the tanks is in a high rise building in the Sydney CBD. In the pics above Greyton have enclosed the fuel tanks in a Promat Fendolite system which will provide Hydrocarbon fire barrier for 3 hours. This building is the new gold high rise at 200 George street, headquarters for Mirvac and Ernst &Young. There are many situations where similar tanks require fire rating at Fuel Refineries, Airports or anywhere where a diesel generator is used.