Chatswood Substation Energy Australia

Following some serious sub substation fires Energy Australia has taken action to protect their cables with various fire rated products. This can be done with spray painted ablative and intumescent coating directly to the cables or the construction of ducts that provide insulation and integrity protection. Greyton is currently inspecting the application and certifying over 200 NSW substations being treated with Hilti, 3M and other products.

In the photos on the left, Greyton has constructed a Promatect H cable duct consisting of 2 layers of 25mm H and 2 layers of 15mm H board. The top floor section is Hebel block with a steel frame housing 9 access hatches for accessing each part of the switch board The 80mm thick Promatect and Hebel will provided a fully insulated system for a period of 2 hours and integrity for 4 hours. There are a number of fire rated removable access hatches along the duct with safety signage and heavy duty handles. This work can be viewed at ‘Mechanical and Cable Duct Protection’